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Course Description:
This brief, easily read course on HIV AIDS covers aspects of these diseases including definitions, statistics, research, and the role of the healthcare provider for treatment and prevention.

Course Goals:
  • Know the difference between HIV and AIDS.
  • Differentiate the mechanisms of transmission and the associated risks of contact with an infected individual.
  • Practice safety standards to diminish the risk of transmission.
  • Identify psychiatric disorders that result from HIV infection.
  • Comprehend the unique treatment needs of HIV and AIDS patients.
  • Use the element of HIV prevention counseling.
Course Objectives:
  • Educate the healthcare professional on the diseases processes and prevalence of HIV and AIDS.
  • Identify the modes of transmitting the disease.
  • Know the health care providers role in prevention and treatment of patients with HIV and AIDS.
Florida State Approvals

CE Broker Tracking #: 20-353707
  • Florida Board of Physical Therapy Practice
  • Florida Board of Acupuncture
  • Florida Board of Athletic Training
  • Florida Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel
  • Florida Board of Massage Therapy
  • Florida Board of Nursing Home Administrators
  • Florida Board of Podiatric Medicine
  • Florida Board of Respiratory Care
  • Florida Council of Dietetics and Nutrition
  • Florida Electrolysis Council
  • Florida Council of Medical Physicists
  • Florida Bureau of Emergency Medical Services
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